True Protein Company Owners

by admin on August 13, 2011

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True Protein Company Owners
Dante, a lot of individuals know him on the internet as DC, a world renowned bodybuilding trainer with extremely unorthodox types of exercising. He has a qualification in engineering, but his passion is and has always been anything health and fitness or bodybuilding related and 20 years of learning this variety has result in the current day. For the men and women that know him (and perhaps you have gotten a feel for this with his documents online), whatever he involves himself in has to be topnotch or he walks in the other path. His fortitude and insight of bodybuilding principles will be what maintains this business cutting edge and always on its toes.

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Doug, has the expertise and know-how of nutritional/supplemental items, from a user biological stand point to the proper production of raw materials. Doug acquired a Bachelor of Science qualification in Kinesiology, when it comes to movement science (human biomechanics), physiology, and sports nutrition. He has participated in many studies done in the health and fitness market and is extremely well seasoned in the scientific practice.  After trying quite much every dietary supplement and gimmick out there and being let down every time, Doug took it into his personal hands to learn every thing you should know about suitable nutrition and supplementing. Doug’s goal for True Protein is a simple one, to inform the masses of the realities within the community and to produce the best quality products which are more economical price.

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