American Pure Whey Fake, Coupon, Review, Scam

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Is American Pure Whey selling fake protein powder? Read customer reviews and get the latest coupon codes available for American Pure Whey.

In the last couple days there has been a lot of discussion on forums about the questionable quality of American Pure Whey protein powder. Some customers have had there American Pure Whey protein powder analyzed to see if it truly meets the nutritional facts specified on the label and the results where quite surprising. Will maybe not so surprising to some given that many people have question American Pure Whey protein quality in the past because of there super cheap prices compared to other brands.

Some tests being reported on forums show American Pure Whey protein powder contains very little protein if any in lab tests, another source says only 12% protein and a customer complaining to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) writes he had his American Pure Whey tested and it contained 4.5% protein and 95% carbohydrates.

Link Sources for Complaints
BBB Customer Complaint 07/26/2012
Reddit Testing Results 1
Reddit Testing Results 2
Forum Topics Regarding American Pure Whey Quality 1
Forum Topics Regarding American Pure Whey Quality 2
Forum Topics Regarding American Pure Whey Quality 3
Other Protein Powder Test Results

So take this for what it is and make your own decision, always when purchasing anything online do your research before you hand someone your money.

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